The Confucius Institute Supports Beijing Olympic Winter Games through Exciting Women¡¯s Ice Hockey Friendship Competition between China and Canada

[Source]    China Daily [Time]    2019-06-06 14:56:32 

To promote two-way cultural exchanges between China and Canada, support Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and respond to the call of ¡°Promoting 300 Million People to Winter Sports¡±, 30 players from Canada¡¯s Titan Women¡¯s Hockey Team started their trip to China during May 30th to June 3rd upon the invitation of the Confucius Institute Headquarters. Through a series of cultural and sports exchanges based on ice hockey between China and Canada, such as exhibitions, competitions and public lectures, a bridge of friendship between the youth of China and Canada has been built.

On May 30th, a wonderful ice hockey friendship competition between China women¡¯s national ice hockey team and Canada¡¯s Titan women¡¯s ice hockey team was held in the Ice Sports Center of Beijing Sport University. This competition is one of the most important parts on the schedule of the Titan Women¡¯s Hockey Team¡¯s visit to China. Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Cao Weidong, President of Chinese Ice Hockey Association, attended and kicked off for the competition.

Relevant officials from the Confucius Institute Headquarters, Chinese Ice Hockey Association, the Canadian Embassy in China and Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2020 Olympic Winter Games attended this event. More than 300 people came to watch the competition, including those from China¡¯s cross-boundary andspanned item ice hockey training team and Youth Ice Hockey Team, as well as the faculty and students of Beijing Sport University.

The Titan Women¡¯s Hockey Team is a star team in Quebec, Canada, of which eight players once attend the training with the National Team of Canada. Since 2011, the Titan women¡¯s hockey team has won the provincial champion of Quebec eight times and during the 2017-2018 season, the team achieved a remarkable record of 52 wins and one loss. At present, it tops the list of Canada¡¯s U20 women¡¯shockey team.

With the edges of strength and coordination between techniques and tactics, the Canadian players scored three goals in the first game and continued to keep ahead. At the beginning of the second game, the Chinese players carried forward the sportsmanship of constant courage and never give up. In the third game, the Chinese team, with the advantage of speed, shot the puck into the opposing defense zone many times and posed a threat to the rivalry. No. 23 striker took a new pass from a teammate and scored a goal.No. 15 striker Kong Minghui brake into and scored in less than five minutes. Near the end of the competition, the Chinese players were getting tired, being unable to tie the score. The next game, in which both sides were playing impetuosity and made rapid transition, registered the final score of 2:4.

This friendship competition has set up a platform for further exchanges between China and Canada in the field of ice hockey, enriched the experience of competition and improved the technique and tactics for the national ice hockey teams as they begin preparation for the new season.

It is reported that except the competition with Kunlun Red Star women¡¯s ice hockey team and China women¡¯s national ice hockey team, Titan women¡¯s hockey team¡¯s trip to China also included the visits to Huazhong Normal University Affiliated Longgang High School in Shenzhen, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen as well as Beijing 101 Middle School, in which activities such as the public lectures and teaching competitions of ice hockey were carried out and warmly welcomed by teachers and students.

(China Daily, May 31st)

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